Local Suppliers

Local Suppliers

At Highwood Natural Foods we strive to carry a wide assortment of locally grown or made products. We believe it`s important to support the people in our area that make quality food and health products. Below you will find a listing and more information on some of these wonderful people and their companies.



Basic Roots: We at basic roots strive to create the best tasting, high quality raw food products that we can. We soak, sprout and dehydrate all nuts, seeds, and grains before using them in the final product. We consciously add ingredients that increase the nutrient value while still maintaining a product that tastes delicious. We believe in taking the extra time that is necessary to create enzyme active and nutrient rich food. Basic roots also believes in buying from and supporting local suppliers whenever possible, that grow organically, wildcrafted or pesticide-free food. www.basicroots.ca Basic Roots Logo
Blueridge Greenhouses: An assortment of herb plants, tomato plants, flower baskets, sunflowers, and other goodies can be found out front the store as summer approaches and Karen Kennedy of Blue Ridge Greenhouse drops off her lovely assortments for us to sell.


Broxburn Vegetables: In 1994 Paul & Hilda de Jonge purchased 80 acres 5 kilometers (3 miles) east of Lethbridge and 1 kilometer (3/4 mile) south of Highway #3 on the Broxburn Road. The farm provided a home, but also was planned for a U-Pick operation. In 1996 a small greenhouse was put up to grow peppers. In 2001 a larger greenhouse went into operation and tomatoes and cucumbers were added. In the greenhouse we grow crops the biological way, which means we introduce bugs to kill the pests, so we do not have to use pesticides. www.broxburn-vegetables.com 
Earths Oven: Based in Calgary, Earth’s Oven baking is famous for what it is missing as for what it contains. Our unique gluten free baking process produces moist products with real flavour and authentic fresh baked texture. www.earthsoven.com



Fairwinds Farm: The Oudshoorn family was born and raised in southern Alberta. Ben and Anita have been farming together for 25 years with their family. In 1994 they bought their first goats for one of their children and learned how to make yoghurt and cheese for their family and friends. In 1998 the Oudshoorn family became licensed to produce milk for sale. Within a few short years the family began to distribute plain yoghurt for organic grocery stores, slowly adding more flavours to the stock. In 2003 Oudshoorn’s moved to a farm in Fort Macleod Alberta, their goal was to be self sustaining and organic and felt the move was necessary. At their new location they are able to grow and produce their feed for the goats and also supply fertilizer from the goat manure for crops. www.fairwindsfarm.ca  Fairwinds Logo
Greidanus Honeymill: At the Greidanus Honey Mill we produce our unprocessed honey to be as pure as nature intended. Without blending or pasteurizing our honey, we have maintained all the naturally occurring nutrients to ensure you are receiving nature’s healthiest sweetener. We collect all our honey in hives located in the clover-rich prairies of Southern Alberta, known to produce some of the world’s finest honey. Our mild flavoured honey can be used in anything you may have used sugar for and is especially good for sweetening coffee, tea, baking and can even be used in savory dishes. www.honeymill.ca  Greidanus Logo
Gull Valley Greenhouses: We are a family operated greenhouse located in Central Alberta, just south of Gull Lake. Phil and Carolyn Tiemstra began growing beefsteak tomatoes in 1991 and have expanded the operation several times adding many different varieties of tomatoes along with beans, lettuce, peppers and Herbs. It is very important to us that we use high standards in food safety and environmental impact. In order to control pests, beneficial bugs are introduced into the crop. This is a natural alternative to using harmful chemicals. Using biological control methods leaves a smaller impact on the environment. www.gullvalley.ca  Gull Valley Logo
Highwood Crossing: Highwood Crossing is a family owned, certified organic grain farm located next to the Highwood River south of Calgary, Alberta. When owners Tony and Penny Marshall switched over to sustainable organic farming methods in 1989, they were returning to agricultural practices that were similar to those used on the same farm by Tony’s great-grandfather nearly 100 years earlier. Today, Highwood Crossing Foods is certified organic by design and produces only 100% organic crops that include wheat, rye, flax, canola, oats, barley, peas, hay and sweet clover. They also have a certified organic processing facility on the farm where they produce and package food products from the crops they grow. These products include cold pressed flax and canola oil, granola, flaxseed muffin and pancake mix, stone ground flours as well as whole grains and cereals. www.highwoodcrossing.com



 Highwood Crossing Logo
Hotchkiss Herbs and Produce: Owned and operated by Paul and Tracy Hotchkiss in Rocky View Alberta, they take care in bringing you the best quality organic produce. Hotchkiss Organics offers Heriloom tomatoes, green beans, romaine lettuce, arugula, swiss chard, wheatgrass, spinach, and carrots. www.hotchkissproduce.com  Hotchkiss Logo
Lunds Organic Farm: Lund’s Organic Farm is a certified organic family farm located 1.5 km. northwest of the town of Innisfail. It has been certified organic since 1988 (since 1993 in current location). We grow a variety of vegetables, with the emphasis on cold weather crops such as carrots, spinach, lettuce, and several potato varieties. www.lundsorganic.comMans Eggs: Mans Eggs takes eggs to a whole new level. Delivering quality free range eggs at fair prices throughout Alberta is just the start. The product you use for cooking, baking, breakfast, lunch or supper was laid by free range hens which are given the choice to be indoors during windy or rainy days, and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors on warm sunny days. To ensure consistency from one dozen to the next the farmers purchase feed from one feed mill. Alfalfa meal is added to the feed which ensures each egg is full of rich flavour and healthy color.


Man’s Organics: Man’s Organics is a certified organic family run farm located in Southern Alberta a few minutes north of Coaldale. Henk and Rita Mans started the farm in 1994 and in 2012 Andrew and his wife Denise joined the farm. We produce a wide range of vegetables both from field and greenhouse settings. We decided to begin farming organically as our family has always been aware of the risks of eating produce that was grown with chemical and fertilizer treatment. We use all organic methods of controlling weeds and insects on our farm. www.mansorganics.ca


Olson’s High Country Bison: Thomas and Carolyn Olson with their children founded Olson’s Conservation Ranches to restore the Bison species, the native grasses, and associated wildlife to their natural state. Tom later started Olson’s High Country Bison. The bison run free with minimal human intervention and animal family structure is respected. Product development efforts have included creating gourmet sausages, burgers, stewing and ground bison products, and steaks and roasts.



North Fork Elk: Owned and operated by Pat and Tanis Downey in Turner Valley. Offering a variety of cuts from free range elk.



Poplar Bluff Organics: Poplar Bluff Organics (formerly known as Poplar Bluff Farm) has been producing organic vegetables for over 20 years. Poplar Bluff’s soil and climate are ideal for potatoes and Poplar Bluff has specialized in growing types that are not commonplace. There are (this year) 3 types of fingerlings, all heritage varieties, a dark yellow from Germany and a variety of others chosen by chefs wanting cooking qualities not found elsewhere. In addition to our organic potatoes, Poplar Bluff Organics is pleased to provide you with a variety of organically grown carrots and beets. www.poplarblufforganics.com  Poplar Bluffs Organics
Screamin Brothers: The Screamin Brothers’ story grew in Canada but was born of tragedy. In January 2010, the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti was not far from the oldest of the Screamin Brothers’ thoughts. One of J.R.’s brothers had arrived home from Haiti only weeks before, and his youngest brother was now stuck in the wake of the devastation, his orphanage destroyed and living in a tent. J.R. knew he couldn’t just stand by idly so he took his love of creating with food and began selling his dairy free frozen treats to raise money to help. It didn’t take long for these delicious products to become so popular that J.R.’s brothers offered to help with the business. The boys could see that the more frozen treats they sold, the more children they could help both locally and internationally! www.screaminbrothers.com  Screamin' Brothers Logo
Sylvan Star: All our cheese is made at our own cheese farm in Red Deer, from the milk of our own cows. Sylvan Star Cheese is made from heat treated milk which contains no additives, no antibiotics, and also very important: our cheese is lactose free! We produce Gouda, Edam, sheep Manchego, and Gruyere cheese at our farm. www.sylvanstarcheesefarm.ca


TK Ranch: On TK Ranch, we believe that respect for both the animals and the land that we steward is the foundation for creating clean, humane, gourmet eco-friendly meat products. We realize that without happy food, we cannot have a happy earth and are Animal Welfare Approved. TK Ranch is located in the endangered Northern Fescue Grasslands of east-central Alberta. It was started by Thomas Koehler Biggs in 1956 and today three generations live and work on TK Ranch. You can be assured that with TK Ranch products there are no GMO ingredients in the feed, no antibiotics or hormones, no animal by products, and no chemical insecticides are used www.tkranch.com  tkranch-logo2a
Viabar: owners Christiane & Phil Gossen have created these popular bars made of natural ingredients in various combinations and flavours. Vegan, organic, wheat free, and made locally! www.viafoods.com 


Vital Green Farms: Vital Green Farms is an organic dairy farm located in Southern Alberta about 2 hours south of Calgary. We have been processing cow’s milk since 2004 and since 2009 we are actually doing this in a new plant on the farm. We make a wide range of dairy products, and all of them are organic and non-homogenized! Besides cow’s milk products we also make several sheep milk products.  Vital Green Farms Logo
Winter’s Turkeys: Spanning four generations our family has been raising turkeys on our Alberta farm near Dalemead. Our free range, certified organic and Orlopp heirloom flocks range in the sunshine and fresh air, have unlimited access to the outdoors and are provided a whole wheat diet. Our turkeys are available fresh at Thanksgiving and Christmas and frozen throughout the year. We also offer a wide variety of frozen products made with 100% turkey meat. We are dedicated to practicing sustainability for our planet and providing respectful husbandry for our animals. www.wintersturkeys.ca  Winters Turkeys Logo