Juice Cleanses Now Available!

We now have our Juice Cleanse complete and ready to go! The following three pdf links will provide you with some information on juice cleansing as well as the ingredients in our juice cleanse menu, and the order form should you chose to do a cleanse. The Highwood Natural Foods Juice Cleanse consists of 4 juices, 1 smoothie, and 1 nut milk. The red and green juice, along with the smoothie and nut milk come with options of how you would best like your drink prepared. For those who would like to “Superfood” their cleanse for an additional charge, your beverages will also come with an assortment of nutrient dense boosts. Cleanses must be ordered a few days in advance and will be available for pick up at noon the day prior to starting. If you are doing a 3 or 5 day cleanse you have the option of having them all prepared for pick up at the same time, or coming in each day to pick up your daily drinks. We recommend the latter, for optimal freshness. Prices are as follows:

Highwood Natural Foods Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse Ingredients

Juice Cleanse Order Form

1 Day Juice Cleanse $50 / Superfood it $55

3 Day Juice Cleanse $135 / Superfood it $150

5 Day Juice Cleanse: $225 / Superfood it $250

For each clean jar returned you will receive a $0.50 refund!






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